Robert Young Pelton's the World's Most Dangerous Places (World's Most Dangerous Places)

The World's Most Dangerous Places 5 th Ed bt Robert Young Pelton

This is a unique book that offers the personal views of Mr Pelton on world politics in areas of conflict. His candid, irreverent and even flippant comments may offend some but his opinions are original. Each edition of this book is updated and different countries are covered in each version depending on world conflict. Each section is well referenced. The beginning chapters have sections on relative risks and attempt to identify what is dangerous and ways to avoid each danger.

The rest of the book has the most dangerous countries organized beginning with a brief history of the country and comments on the origins of each conflict. This provides a useful refresher on recent political headlines and is especially useful for those going to these countries that a traveler might visit yet haven t kept up with their reading. The political commentaries are interesting.

Not having a strong background in Political studies I can onlyaccept much of what is said without verifying its accuracy. Yet in an earlier 2000 edition , it was there that Pelton identified Osama Ben Laden as a major player in the terrorist circuit when no one else was talking about him. This book is definitely not political correct on many issues but remains a fascinating read. Even if you disagree with the opinions in this book it very well referenced and you can look for your own answers.


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