Vaccines in Immune Compromised

People with immune disorders such as some cancer treatment patients on immunosuppressant, or radiation therapy, or HIV infections, may have altered immune function and they may not fully respond to vaccinations. They should still receive vaccinations since they are more susceptible to infections. Live vaccines should generally be avoided

unless necessary in severely immune deficient travelers.

People with severe immune deficiency or those with altered digestive functions (like Crohn's Disease or Ulcerative Colitis) are also at very high risk for Traveler's Diarrhea. In these people, antibiotics taken before the trip, if carefully chosen for short durations, may prevent disease. For normal, healthy adults, preventative antibiotics are not recommended. See the section on Traveler's Diarrhea for more on diarrhea self-treatment.

HIV positive travelers may be refused Visas or entry into some countries. Casual travelers are usually not refused but people seeking work Visas are often required to have documentation of HIV status. Although their cause may restrict some human rights, those who are HIV positive or gay/lesbian should be knowledgeable about the society views of the country they are going to before they visit. Since many assumed rights and privileges might not exist where they are going.

Many people are concerned about the necessity and safety of vaccines given for routine health, occupational exposure, and exotic travel. We have compiled information showing the safety and benefits of vaccinations for Canadians at the Canadian Immunization Awareness Website under the document " Why Vaccines work" at this link

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It is best to check with the local Canadian Embassy to confirm the most recent Visa and immigration requirements before you leave.