The Rough Guide to Travel Medicine

Dr Nick Jones

This is a very interesting travel medicine primer for patients and is very deep on its description of tropical medical diseases. When reading this I was surprised how well and eloquently many conditions were summarized in very easy to understand language. However many of the treatments and remedies listed are homeopathic and are quite different than what I recommend at our clinic. As a medical doctor I only practice allopathic and supposedly evidence based medicine so I cannot recommend treatments that are not within my scope.

Travellers wishing to find alternative medicine treatments will find them here.

Still this is a fascinating book and available in many bookstores that carry the Rough guide series. Travel clinics may wish to read it out of interest although may wish to only follow treatments following the CDC and WHO guidelines. Many of the remedies may indeed become more mainstream if large studies eventually back them up but at present I observe a conservative view if employing them.