Sports Injuries
Sports injuries are loosely defined as musculoskeletal ( muscle and bone ) injuries that occur through some activity. Many sports became known for participants gettting the same injury ( ie. "tennis elbow", "runner's shin splints" and many others) but these same problems are found in many people with the majority of them occuring outside the sport they are named for.
Many injuries occur from work, accident or any type of overuse.

In sports medicine patients are usually strongly motivated to get better so they can resume the game. Sports medicine also concerns itself with preventative medicine including supplements, anabolis steroids ( not to be confused with corticicosteroids or "cortisone shots"), as well as other medical problems that occur inathetes like everyone else. Sports medicine it can be argued is simply good medicine applied to active individuals.

On our website we will discuss some common concerns related to specific injuries (links to shoulder, knee, back, ankle, wrist and elbow) as well as other topics ( links to hypothermia, hyperthermia, rave dance safety including information on common drugs found there, and scuba diving), We also are finishing a study on Ultimate frisbee injuries and will put followups to that here. We are also developing a calendar for local amateur events for various charities. We expect this to grow soon as we can get more sporting groups to give us their schedules so that they can be integrated into one main timetable. Lastly we are planning to have links to sports medicine clinics in Manitoba but are still waiting for those clinics to send us more information.