Cruise Ships and Cruising

The Cruise environment has become an increasingly popular method of travel.

It is especially attractive to people new to travel as well as those with disabilites since the cruise environment provides a safe haven for them.

Travelers have a safe place to eat and sleep and wake up each new day in a different port.

Cruising is neither idyllic or dangerous but travelers with medical concerns should plan accordingly.

We recommend a review with your family doctor to clear for fitness to travel and proper medical insurance (with evacuation option also taken).

Most travelers do not need extensive immunizations but should still consult a travel clinic to review their full itinerary.

These are some broad recommendations :

Strongly Recommended: Tetanus-Diptheria  and  Hepatitis A

May be suggested for some trips: Typhoid and Hepatitis B

May be required: Yellow fever

Usually not required- Malaria