To distribute a voluntary survey to Burning Man 2008 attendees to find out about illnesses and injuries in participants. This will determine if education. preparation, and responses are adequate for injuries

Burning Man is an annual 8 day festival held in the Nevada desert at a temporary city-Black Rock City.
Attendees must bring their own food and water and remove wastes,
The festival is characterized by several core philosophies.
Emphasis on art and self expression culminating with the penultimate burning of a 40 ft wooden man

Philosophies and Rules of Burning Man
The event is policed by Nevada Law enforcement and First Aid is available
Specific guiding principles shape this temporary community and include:
Decommodification (commercial sales are not allowed), gifting, radical self reliance, communal effort, civic responsibility, leaving no trace and revelry.
Attendees are encouraged to review all posted information posted at burningman.com and especially the burning man survival guide.

Design of this survey
The pamphlet will be distributed during the Burning Man festival, asking participants to complete the questions on line (which are printed on the back)
This information will be reviewed and made public on our website.
Participants providing their emails will be contacted for follow up after the event as well.
All information will remain confidential and not be used for any other purpose
Responders may remain anonymous.

This online form will require respondents to fill out all sections however their will be an option to I decline to answer for question people may not wish to disclose.
Only completed questions will be used and be accepted until Dec 1 2008

Click Here to take survey

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Eyal Leshem MD
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