Our building was the previous site of The Winnipeg Folk Festival who have now moved to Main st and Bannetyne.

Our Layout

Visitors to our clinic are often surprised in the way it is organized. We have deliberately chosen an non-institutional look because of the nature of what we are doing. Many clients dread coming to the doctor's office to receive needles so we have tried to give a more friendly environment. It is an easy enough thing for someone to say "this won't hurt abit" but no one will ever believe such a statement. By making the immunization experience more pleasant, we hope to help people feel more comfortable and realize that immunization needles need not be painful or a bad experience. Immunizations are necessary.

Many of the decorations we have chsen for our waiting room are educational as well as interesting.

Toys to educate

We have accumulated interesting objects to help provide a more tactile way of demonstrating simple concepts on health.


Our fuzzy bugs (microbes):

Starting with the "flu bug" and going up to "Aids" we have purchased several of the Giant Microbe series of toys to demonstrate the concepts of infection. Educators and teachers to educate young children on hygiene and health education have used these toys in classrooms. We have included them in our waiting room for parents to review with their children. Each microbe is conceptualised plush representative of the microbe associated with a disease and has a short description of the disease. There is nothing controversial in this content and this is suitable for children of all ages. We have found that some of these microbes actually embody some of the more obscure tropical diseases we try to educate our clients on.

bug 1

To learn more about these products visit www.giantmicrobes.com. bug 2