book reviews

In the course of developing our website we have researched many textbooks, and have found that they may be relevant both to other medical professionals as well as regular travel enthusiasts.

We have chosen books that we have had highly positive reviews of and although not every publication meets that standard we see no reason to put negative reviews of other publications. Not every travel or first aid publication is evidence based and we have avoided including anecdotal sources. We have also included other sources that may appeal because of related subject. When indicated we will try to indicate whether the book is most appropriate for health professionals or a general audience.

Wilderness Medicine Books

desert    altitude       dive bove      help   divesub      high


jungle     hypo        medicinefot         med    outwardbound   us


where     wild       wms      wild    Robert Young Pelton's the World's Most Dangerous Places (World's Most Dangerous Places)


Travel Medicine Links:

airline    avalanche   aviation    bon voyage   camping cold

fear   cultureshock   deahbychocolate    tantenelli    pink book  everest

easy flying    first   firstfootsteps    flu      glacier     global nursing

glorious   high adventure    hotel    w       t    inter

ito    keep safe        mallry and irving    atch        peace    plotkin

rough guide   safety   scott    shackelton       spanish      staay alive

surv    take   2 oz    adventurist      trave and trop        fitness

trav    migrant health  trave  worse case   shot     surviving