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More listings of A-Z of Tropical illnesses

Adoptions  International Mothers- Adopting a child

Age Adventure has no Age Limit

Airports Airport Purgatory

             Lost in transit

Alcohol  Absinth



Allergies Traveling with Allergies   Alternative unpublished Allergies in Paradise

Altitude The Myth of Supermen

Archeology Indiana Jones On Trial?

Are Travel Vaccines safe?

Avalache survival

Babies All babies cry

Barbeque tips

Bears            Manitoban Black Bear Encounters

                     Polar Bear Attacks

                     Grizzlie Bears

Bees   Killer Bees

Black Bear    Manitoban Black Bear Encounters

Black Henna Beware Black Henna

Oct 12 Blogging  your way to health

Blood and Travel 

Blood Diamonds

Bugs Travel Too

Canadian Blood Services  Blood and Travel

Camping   Lost in the Woods

                Sanitation in the Great Outdoors

                Manitoban Black Bear Encounters

                Wilderness Medicine

                Water Disinfection for Travelers

                Poison Ivy   Snow Blindness Electronic Bread crumbs


Chagas Disease Modern Vampires

Children's Wish

China Visiting the Olympics

          Climate Change- The Year of the Rat

Ciguetera Red Tides   Cigutera

Climate Talking about the Weather

Climate Change- The Year of the Rat

Cocaine   Cocoa Leaf Yes, Cocaine No

Contraception and travel

Counterfeit Medication

Creeping eruption

Cruise Ships      Prescription for a safe cruise

                         Manitoba Baywatch (Drowning)

                         Jelly Fish


Dermatology      Creeping eruption

                         Poison Ivy

                         Schistosomiasis (Bilharzia) and Swimmer's Itch

Diarrhea Outbreaks: the Diarrhea Log

Disaster planning

Dominican Republic Avoiding Malaria's Bite

Dressing warm

Drowning  Manitoba Baywatch

Easter Island The Mysterious Island


Electricity  Transformers

Endangered Goods

First Aid Kit   Packing a First Aid Kit

Financing a Vacation

Fitness Training for the tropics

Fish Cigutera

Flu Shots for travellers

Food    The Poisonous`Potato

            Barbeque tips

Food- Fish  Choose the Right Fish  Scomboid  Red Tides

Foreign clinic

Fountain of Youth

Frogs Travel and Frogs


Grizzlie Bears

Guides How to find a good guide The rough guide to rough guides

Gypsy Cabs  Curse of the Gypsy Cabs

Health insurance Insurance

Hepatitis On vacation with your Liver

              Tattoo you   Holiday Health

HIV Tattoo you

How to Find a Doctor Abroad

Influenza Flu proofing your vacation

              Flu Shots for travellers


Ireland The Poisonous`Potato

Israel The Jerusalem Syndrome

Jelly Fish

Lady Godiva Country (Coventry)

Land mines The Princess and the Landmine

Law  The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Samaritan

Last Minute Illnesses

The Leptospires of Hawaii


Liver  Holiday Health

Lost in the Woods

Look Both ways

Magic bullets

Malaria   The Myth of Supermen

              Spread the Net

              Counterfeit Medication

              Consider our Troops Health

              Seeing a Doctor earlier is better

              Modern Vampires

             Avoiding Malaria's Bite

             DIY Tropical Medicine

              Sept 28 Parallel Goals

Marathons Fathers Day Marathon

Marine poisonings Getting into Hot Water

                            Sea Urchins

                            Schistosomiasis (Bilharzia) and Swimmer's Itch

                            City of the Stingrays

Medication When sharing is bad

Military Medicine Consider our Troops Health

Modern Vampires

Monkey  Keeping Monkeys off your Back


Mountaineering Remembering Sir Edmund Hillary

Nutrition Eating for Adventure

              Looking For Mr Goodbar

Outbreaks Outbreaks: the Diarrhea Log

Olympics Visiting the Olympics

Oyster Bad Oyster

Overdevelopment Nature Abhors a Vacuum

Packing a First Aid Kit

Parasites Unwanted hitchhikers: worms

Peace Movement Lady Godiva Country (Coventry)

Photography Overexposed

Playing Doctor

Plastic Surgery- Plastic vacations

Poison Ivy

Poisons Snakes 

The Poisonous`Potato

Polar Bear Attacks

Poverty on Vacation

Psychiatry The Jerusalem Syndrome

Purse Hygeine

Radiation- Do not go to Chernobyl

Quitting   When to Quit

Rainbow Society Children's Wish

Real estate

Red Tides

Roundabout Solutions

Safety             Traveling in Large Groups

                       Winnipeg's Hostel 2

                       I've been Slimed

Salmonella Travel and Frogs

Sanitation in the Great Outdoors

Sandflies Modern Vampires

Schistosomiasis Schistosomiasis (Bilharzia) and Swimmer's Itch


SCUBA Support your local scuba shop   Choose the Right Fish  Red Tides

               Look Both ways   Sea Urchins

Sea Urchins

Seniors  Adventure has no Age Limit  

Serial Killers

Sexual Magic bullets

Sexual Assault in Travelers

Ski Injury prevention


Snow Blindness

Sports  Ski Injury prevention

Sparganosis Travel and Frogs

Spiders  Along Came a spider

Stingrays City of the Stingrays

Suicides Final destinations

Swimmers Itch Schistosomiasis (Bilharzia) and Swimmer's Itch

Tattoo safety  Tattoo you

Ticks  What makes Ticks Tick

Traffic Roundabout Solutions  Look Both ways

Training for the tropics


Travelers  diarhhea  Bugs Travel Too  Outbreaks: the Diarrhea Log

Traveling with Medication

Tuberculosis- Travelers and Tuberculosis

UNICEF  Sept 28 Parallel Goals

Vaccines Are Travel Vaccines safe?

               Trouble with Twinrix

Volunteering   International Hoping

Water Disinfection for Travelers       The Leptospires of Hawaii

Whales  Saving Willie

Wilderness Medicine

Winter vacations Ski Injury prevention  Dressing warm

                            Avalache survival     Snow Blindness

Women Travelers  Women Travelers  Sexual Assault in Travelers   Serial Killers

                             Should Pregnant women Travel?    Contraception and travel

World War II Lady Godiva Country (Coventry)

Worms Unwanted hitchhikers: worms

Yacht People

Zoonoses Wilderness Medicine