Winnipeg Goodwill Ambassadors

Winnipegers like to travel and over the last few years with more options available this has increased.

At our clinic we have seen many travelers begin their start up businesses, engage ongong corporate travel and develope sustained development projects.

We have noticed their are many simiarities between our clients as they wait together after recieving their immunizations.  They are too pleased to talk about their lives abroad and share their expierences.

We wish to help nurture this spark as many of the opinions and suggestions could aid other travelers.

We have developed this section to highlight notable Winnipeg travelers who have agreed to allow themselves to be contacted by other travellers to find out information about their destinations.

We asked our "Ambassadors" to assist travellers learning out about their countries. This is quite different from the Local Canadian Embassy since we are trying to have a network of Winnipeggers abroad as it always good to hear news from home, but also everyone is welcome.

If you are interested in being an Ambassador please contact us.

Our Ambassadors

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