Oct 2 2009

Public Health Meeting at University of Manitoba

 Preliminary Announcement (Aug 2009)  

Hello I would like to announce a meeting on Public and International Health Oct 2nd, 2009 at the  Health Science Centre in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.                                                         
We have local, national and international speakers that will meet focusing on pandemic issues from a variety of perspectives - indigenous people, regional and federally. Even though this is a local meeting we
hope to interest International attendees as well.                 
Public Health Meeting on Pandemic planning, Influenza strategies, and  International Health Oct 2, 2009 Winnipeg, Canada                 
Integrating local practitioners and Provincial, National and  International focuses                                             
Our Speakers

Dr Allan Ronald from the Infectious Disease Department, St Boniface
    Dr. Ronald is well known for his research in HIV in Kenya and will be
    speaking on International Health                                   

Dr Frank Plummer, Medical Microbiology University of Manitoba and Head
  of the Canadian National Virology Lab. Dr Plummer has worked on the ebola
    vaccine and other research.                                                  

Dr Joel Kettner, Chief Medical Officer of Manitoba Health will speak on the Manitoba Flu plan        

Dr Denise Black , Obstetrician will be discussing Gardasil and public   funding                                                           

Dr Marcia Anderson, Internal Medicine and Community will be speaking on
    Indigenous peoples and how Public Health affects them.             

Dr David Butler Jones, Head of the Public health Agency of Canada was originally scheduled as a speaker but will be unable to attend.

    Registration is through The University of Manitoba                 
    or by contacting conference chair Dr Gary Podolsky: