Medical Meetings

I am pleased to announce that we have developed a free archive of our previous Medical conferences on our website.

Many of our lecturers have covered parts of the Body of Knowledge in Travel Medicine as well as other interesting relative topics.

We have had contributions from  other Scientists and professionals-(Entomologists, Physiologists, Philosophers, Dentists,Vetarinarians, and Pharmacists) as well as Physicians and Nurses to give different perspectives on travel concerns.


We plan to continue to develop future symposium with our lecturers and associates both locally and internationally.

We wecome any comments or feedback

This is an archive of our previous meetings in Manitoba and abroad

Several of the small  evening meetings will also be added later.

Some of our guest speakers notes are not reproduced because they retain copywrite over previously published material. We do however have some of the original syllabuses available for purchace on request.


2009 Meetings

August University of Minneapolis

Athletes and Travel


July 25th 2009 Wilderness Medical Society, Snowmass CO

"In-flight emergancies, assessing passengers in flight" In flight Emergancies   

Travel and Tropica Medicine Rounds at HSC

           In flight Emergancies                Tick Bourne Diseases

2008 Meetings  

Bug Day  Diseases in Travelers at the Health Science Centre Notes

Sex and travel

Tahiti - South Pacific Medicine (Seacourses)

March 25th Family Medicine Rounds

                   Introduction to Travel Medicine

                   Sex and Drugs in Travelers

March 20, 2008  Red Sea Scuba      Notes to be up soon

March 7th Infectious Disease Day at Health Science Centre Rabies


Feb  3 Red Deer Sports medicine conference, Alberta  Updates on Malaria  Notes to be up soon

2007 Meetings

December 18-22 Wilderness Meeting in Bemiji, Minesota

Thw AWLS meeting in Bemidji was successful with great support from staff and participants.

I would like to encourage visitors to this website to become involved with future meetings.

I would hope to work again with the organizers and supervisors.

Special thanks to Adam, Jerry , Ian and Lauren.

In my Medical Problems's in the Wilderness lecture I recommended two excellant small manuals which every doctor I have talked with really enjoyed as they are eloquent and well written (and  very useful)

Cope's Early Diagnosis of the Acute Abdomen

Essential Management OB Emergencies by Thomas F. Baskett

Bimidji Meeting Extra notes

During this meeting extra notes will be presented which are not in the course booklet.

Please click for:

Avalanche notes

Altititude notes


Wilderness Medicine Park City Avalanche Course


Dec 7-9, 2007

Tick Borne Diseases

BC Family Medicine Meeting in Vancouver

Oct 12th,2007

Spread the net Meeting

330 Kennedy Hostelling International

Sept 18,2007

Uganda Information Night

Katie Muirhead will be giving an informational night on Uganda

This meeting is open to the general public and is free



May 23,2007

Vancouver ISTM meeting

Training for the Tropics (Now starting at 7pm)

"Entrenamiento para las zonas tropicales " Spanish Poster

"Formation pour les tropiques " French poster

(All lectures will be in English)



May 18-19,2007

Feb 9-10, 2007

The Canadian Travel Medicine course was held in 2 parts:

Basic Travel Medicine was held in Calgary

Feb 9-10th and covered 14 hrs of material on Basic Travel Medicine

The Advanced course was held on May18-19th in Vancouver and covered an additional 16 hrs.

These notes are unavailable on this website but both volumes may be purchaced as a set for $200.

The next planned Travel and Tropical Review course will be held in Tahiti through



April 12 and 19th, 2007

Clean Water Health Meeting

University of Manitoba

(This year the Annual meeting was held on 2 evenings rather than a single day)

Canadian Immunization Meeting . highlights from Dec 2006


July 27,2006 What Can Canadians do to help Afghanistan? a
June 2006

Congo  (These notes are unavailable at this time)

Serge will be puyying together an update about Congo.

April 20th 2006    Food Poisonings in Travelers food poisoning 2006
Janurary 2006

Unicef Talk Current Projects in Mozambique

unicef mozambique


October 7 2005 Arctic Medicine Meeting
October 5 2005 Winter Sports Medicine
August 2005 Travel Medicine Black Sea
black sea
July 2005 Carribean Sports Medicine
caribean sports med

April 1st 2005

Wilderness Medicine Manitoba


2004 Wilderness medical Society Travel Medicine Meeting

Santa Fe Meeting

Wilderness Medical Society

March 13 2004

Wilderness Medicine in Manitoba:

Man and Nature:

The effect of the Global environmeton our Health

man and nature


April 2003 Wilderness Medicine in Man
2003 Article on Ectasy, another article
2003 Article discussing Chiropractors adjusting children