Events and Announcements from 2005

Missionaries and Traveling -a health overview. By Gary Podolsky MD
This write up discusses common health problems abroad
Missionaries, as they travel the countries of the world, may be exposed to various hazards, illnesses, and infections. Each trip is different. Short term visitors need only take simple food and water precautions while long term expatriates have the same risk for certain diseases as the local indigenous people.

Many illnesses can be prevented through immunizations. Vaccines give immunity but do not cause disease. Unfortunately many diseases that there are not yet vaccines to prevent against, also coexist with the ones we can prevent, so travelers must still be careful about food and water as well as insect bites to ensure good health... more


April 1st and 2nd Wilderness Medicine in Manitoba Conference
Our Multidisciplinary Conference on Wilderness Medicine, was held on April1st and 2nd at the Norwood Hotel. This year it was expanded to a 2 day meeting.



We had representatives from Nursing, Pharmacology, Entomology, Psychiatry, Dentistry, Dermatology and Sports Medicine this year and hope to continue to attract a wide variety of attendees from different Health Specialties as well.
Our first day focused on Clinical Issues in Immunology
Speakers included: Mr. Shane Wood RN and Director of Student Health Red River College. Shane discussed Immunizing Health Care Workers, Tuberculosis testing and Issues in Immunizing.
Ms Jacinda Wagner Pharmacist, Director at Shoppers Drug Mart at Portage and Moray Jacinda discussed Principles of immunization and interaction of medications with travel drugs. Dinner was included.



Dr Gary Podolsky discussed side effects of immunizations as well as the Anti-vaccination movement within Winnipeg. A second talk on Cruise ship medicine and nursing followed.
Dr Simon Trepel spoke on Anxiety and fears in people taking anti malarials in his talk Mefloquine and Madness.

April 2nd
was our Expedition Medicine Day and wel focused on Medical issues among extreme human conditions and their prevention and treatment.
Dr Richard Heyday, Dermatologist talked on Skin Cancer in Travelers as well as Tropical skin problems.
Dr Terry Galloway, Entomologist discussed Mosquitoes, in particular the recent development of Malaria in the Dominican Republic.
Dr Elsa Hui Derksen
, Dentistry discussed Third World Dentistry Dr Scott Clifford, Veterinarian was slated to speak on the Avian Flu Awareness but because of person commitments will be unable to attend and this talk was done by Dr Podolsky.
Dr Podolsky
also discussed SCUBA medicine problems. Dr Tremel concluded with his discussion on Culture Shock in Travelers
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Canadian Arctic Medicine Conference October 6th-10th 2005


On a Tundra Buggy tour visitors are able to view and photograph these animals as well as other Arctic Wildlife in a way that does not threaten or endanger them. These tours are run by Naturalists.
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Our Arctic Meeting will include discussions on topics relevant to people living in the Canadian Circumpolar environment as well as other Arctic climes around the world. Our conference is scheduled for Oct 6,7,8, and 9th which involves Canadian Thanks Giving. Registrants will also be able to return on Oct 10th, Thanksgiving to their families.
We have planned for our meeting to take place in Churchill Manitoba during the peak in Polar Bear Sightings around Churchill. Churchill is well known as a good place to view these bears in the wild via Tundra Buggies.



Considerations for Traveling to Tropical areas of the world
Travelers to tropical and subtropical areas such as Africa and South America may encounter several types of health dangers. The following is a brief summary of groups of concerns. Tetanus/Diptheria (Td) boosters for Td are recommended if not received within the last 10 years. Polio (IPV) vaccine may be recommended for areas of the world where polio still occurs.
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Neurology Symposium
We are pleased to announce our Ukrainian Colleagues are putting together a Neurology Symposium in Odessa Ukraine on April 20-24th. This is an International Symposium with representatives from a variety of European Countries.
The symposium will take place in English.
Those interested may view and print conference pamphlet here.
Please contact Dr Liliya Zvyagina
Odessa region medical center
Sudostroitelnaya 1, Odessa 65029 Ukraine.
Contacts: 8-0672842414 mobile (0482) 63-65-79(day) tel/fax(0482)-67-71-29.(evening)
E-mail: zvs@pÓ

Tsunami Update
Following the recent natural disasters in South East Asia, we have had several questions from prospective travelers to those countries affected. More...

Ukraine Updates
Project "Liubov - Love" -
The newest campaign to assist poor children and youth in Ukraine is initiated for the fall/winter period of 2005. As we greet this season of the year, we know the special needs of children wherever they may live in the world. Click Here for more information

One Hundred Most Notable Ukrainian Canadians of the Past Nomination Form - Click Here

A Canada-Ukraine Youth Exchange And Educational Project - Click Here English or Ukrainian

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Ukraine since the Orange Revolution
- October 20, 2005
Free Admission - 264 Tache Ave
There will be an informal disscusionon current Ukraine since the Orange Revolution at Slylark Medical Clinic on October 20, 2005. This will Include health conditions in Ukraine hospitals and infromation on how Canadian Health Care workers can directly aid Ukraine.
Highlights from recent Odessa Medical Confrence.
For more information or to reserve your spot please call Candice at the clinic.