Q Fever (Query Fever)

Caused by ricketssia an infection microbe carried by sheep, cattle and goats.

It can be acquired by contact with milk, urine, and faeces and by breathing it in. people who work with animals are at the greatest risk (not travelers).

A vaccine exists but is only recommended for high-risk occupations.

This illness occurs worldwide but greater in rural areas.

Symptoms begin after 10-20 days of incubation with headache, fever, shivering, muscle aches, loss of appetite, fatiguability, and nausea.

Also sharp pain with deep breathes.

Usually symptoms last 2 weeks but rarely heart, liver and brain complications can happen.

Diagnosis is confirmed with a blood test but may not be suspected because it is rare and hard to differentiate clinically from other viral illnesses.

Medications (doxycycline) can speed up reduction of symptoms although usually the disease is self-limited.

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