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December 18-22 Wilderness Meeting in Bemiji, Minesota

Thw AWLS meeting in Bemidji was successful with great support from staff and participants.

I would like to encourage visitors to this website to become involved with future meetings.

I would hope to work again with the organizers and supervisors.

Special thanks to Adam, Jerry , Ian and Lauren.

In my Medical Problems's in the Wilderness lecture I recommended two excellant small manuals which every doctor I have talked with really enjoyed as they are eloquent and well written (and  very useful)

Cope's Early Diagnosis of the Acute Abdomen

Essential Management OB Emergencies by Thomas F. Baskett

Bimidji Meeting Extra notes

During this meeting extra notes will be presented which are not in the course booklet.

Please click for:

Avalanche notes

Altititude notes


Wilderness Medicine Park City Avalanche Course

Medical Student electives in Wilderness, Travel and Sports Medicine

Canadian Public hea lth links  
Canadian Immunization Meeting . highlights  
Travel Medicine advice in other languages  

Updates on Infectious Disease

Congo, U.S, China, India, Indian Ocean, Kenya, Indonesia, Egypt,

and Fiji


BC Family Medicine Meeting in Vancouver

Our clinic will be discussing Tick Borne diseases

Dec7-9 (preview)

Mobile Flu clinics - as in previous years we are continuing our mobile flu shot clinics in Daycares, Offices and will be administering Influenza vaccines to those eligible under Manitoba Guidelines

We have also purchaced flu shots seperately and will be selling these at 15$ (this covers their purchace). Most people are eligible for a Manitoba eligible dose though

If Interested in a Flu shot please:

1. Call our office for an appointment (453-9107)

2. Call our office for a mobile flu clinic if you have a large group of eligible people

3 Visit our In Mall office without an appointment at St Vital centre

We have finished our flu clinics at Winnipeg technical college, Convergys, and many winnipeg small visits. Please call our receptionist, Candace if you still require a flu shot

. st vital

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Unicef Halloween Updat e  
Save the Rainforest A charity to help promote Ecotourism  

Spread the net Meeting Oct 12th 330 Kennedy


I am pleased to announce that a prior article I wrote on Churchill Manitoba for the Wilderness Medical Society was chosen for this collection of essays on wilderness and naturalism from the Wilderness Medicine Journal.

This book is now available through McNally Robinson or

Wasteland Press l

Front cover

Vancouver ISTM meeting

Training for the Tropics (Now starting at 7pm)

"Entrenamiento para las zonas tropicales " Spanish Poster

"Formation pour les tropiques " French poster

(All lectures will be in English)

Welcome to Dr Marvin Slutchuk Health and Wellness message from Dr Slutchuk

Medications for Doctors traveling to Developing Countries

Health partners International of Canada Provides a service to assist physicians getting medication

HPIC - Health Partners International of Canada PCSI - Partenaires Canadiens pour la Santé internationale

Clean Water Health Meeting April 12 and 19th, 2007


Canadian Emporiatrica Association

Questions raised during our meeting and archived for discussion


Canadian Pharmacist's Association Association des pharmaciens du Canada

produces Travelling with Medication pamphlet

This downloadable pamphlet gives information on issues traveling with medications

Purse  hygeine
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Manitoba Underwater Council - A community for SCUBA divers. 



Talks in Travel Education Through Travel Cuts:

Contiki - Europe Monday, November 26, 2007, 7:00pm

Presented by Sheena Mitrenga of Contiki Holidays HI Winnipeg Downtowner 330 Kennedy Street at Ellice Ave Central

South America Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Presented by Pat Rochon of Trek Holidays HI Winnipeg Downtowner 330 Kennedy Street

Check out Travel Cuts upcoming travel talks!

Hostelling International In Winnipeg Events



New Pamphlets on Health

Printable version page

Flashpaper bronchures

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Sept 24th, 2006 

Premier at St Vital Silver City of  Shea's Rockin' World Tour

Shea is a traveler that has her own show on travel


Women's Health Updates

Women travelers Get a Pap test in Canada before long term travel

Find a clinic in Manitoba

Pap Smears: When Yours Is Slightly Abnormal (American Academy of Family Physicians)
Also available in Spanish

Gardasil- The new Human Papilloma Virus vacine is now available in Canada

Our clinic has begun a program to administer this vaccine to all interested patients.

Letter to Mantoba CancerCare participating Cervical screening clinics

Gardasil: A letter from The Society of Gynecologic Oncologists of Canada
logo of the Manitoba Cervical Cancer Screening Program/Programme Manitobain de Depistage du Cancer du Col Uterin

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